The Spanish British Academy (English)

The British Academy begins in 2010 as a renewed alternative to the existing language academies into the Spanish market. We try to offer our students the latest technologies applied to language teaching, always working with small groups to maximize individual attention.

With that spirit we've begun The Spanish British Academy to offer foreign students not only their first contact with the language, but with the rich Spanish culture as well.

The METHODOLOGY which makes the difference.

We asked a Spanish student what difficulties has he found when studding Spanish, and this is what he replayed:

"My Spanish teacher has a perfect command of the language he teaches and he also uses very modern teaching techniques, but he doesn’t speak my mother tongue at all, that’s why sometime when I ask him something, I feel that my doubts are not fully understood and my questions no completely answered. What can I do about this?".

Experts say fluent and effective COMMUNICATION between the student and the teacher is vital for an efficient learning process. We know that you, as 90% of foreign travellers, use English as your communication channel when travelling abroad.

For students with basic listening and speaking level, is very important to have a lingua franca that enables teacher-student effective communication, and we are aware that English, being the foreign language most spoken in the world, will ensure that.

That’s why in The Spanish British Academy have stablished that our Spanish teachers with DELE certification must have at least a B2 English level, to ensure the COMUNICATION process between student-teacher flows efficiently and effectively.


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Weekly Spanish lessons all through the year. 现在,英国学院西班牙语西班牙语课程为中国公民英语 - 西班牙语的双语教师